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Brighton WBR 2009-2010 Season

As the season draws to a close Brighton WBR would like to offer thanks to all the volunteer professionals who make this organization great. Brighton WBR responded to 15 backcountry incidents in the 2009-2010 season. Three avalanche call-outs included. Assistance of a buried avalanche victim recovered by his partner in a heroic beacon search, evacuation of a backcountry skier after losing his equipment in an avalanche, and a precision stabilization and evacuation of a severely injured backcountry avalanche victim with SLC SAR and Airmed personnel. WBR Brighton personnel responded to 12 other backcountry recreation injuries in and around the Brighton Basin including skiers, snowboarders and even a snow mobiler.

NSAA Safety Week

As part of NSAA safety week, The Canyons Ski Patrol did a public dog demo and meet the avalanche dogs at Red Pine Lodge yesterday.  We had about 50 kids participate, including putting a few of them in dog holes with patrollers.  The event was a great success for both avalanche awareness and WBR visibility - a great educational tool for the general public.  The dogs had a great time showing off their stuff as well.