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Young Intermediate School’s response to Know Before You Go avalanche awareness assembly.

“It was unbelievable! There was an extreme high interest in the assembly. I didn’t realize how many snowboarders we had in our school. The assembly was so good for our students. The timing for the assembly was just right—right before Winter break in December. It was just awesome!”

- GARY ALLEN, Principal-Administrator

“It was a very informative and fun assembly. The kids thought it was a cool assembly. I often think about what was said in the assembly. The knowledge that I learned from the assembly could possibly save my life someday. It was well worth the time to have this assembly.”

- CLARK FUNK, P.E. Educator

“In twenty years as an educator, the avalanche assembly was the best assembly I’ve ever seen! It was incredible! It was not just what the student’s needed to see and hear, but the teachers, as well. The video presentation was not only captivating, interesting but highly informative and very well done. It was spectacular!”

- RON GOODRICH, TLC/Shop Educator

“This assembly has made an everlasting impression in my mind. I will never forget the message that was put across. This assembly should be mandatory for all schools to see—6th through 12th grades, along with their parents, too. It can and will save people’s lives. The footage shown in the avalanche video is phenomenal! The educational value placed upon this assembly is priceless.”

- RAQUEL FULLER, Health/P.E./Dance Educator

“I loved it! It was nice that the video had real footage of people caught in avalanches. No reenactments. Some of the people in the movie were professional skiers, snowmobilers, and snowboarders. The scenery was incredible. It was a cool assembly.”

- MIKE HOLLINGSWORTH, Science Educator

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