Solitude Mountain Resort is located in the Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake City, Utah. As an important resource to the Ski Patrol and the Snow Mitigation Programs, Solitude has developed a K-9 Avalanche Rescue Program. Although work is done each day to mitigate the hazard of avalanches, there is no guarantee that there will never be an avalanche at a ski resort. So in addition to using electronic search methods (avalanche transceivers, Recco) and strategic search methods (probing, looking for clues) we also use dogs. Through their incredible blend of agility, trainability and sense of smell, search dogs have become an integral part of avalanche rescue at and around Solitude Mountain Resort.

The dogs are stationed at two locations on the mountain. They ride chairlifts in the morning and run the easy way down the slopes once the mountain has closed for the day. When the dogs are not training or out for some exercise, they stay in the kennels in our patrol shacks….and dream of searching. From the top, they are ready to respond anywhere at Solitude. 

If an incident occurs outside of Solitude’s boundaries, our dogs are ready to respond to the call. Solitude Mountain Resort works closely with the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake and Wasatch Backcountry Rescue.

Currently, Solitude has four Avalanche Rescue Dogs at the resort. A variety of breeds can be used for avalanche work. We have a Bridger (German Shepherd), Rio (Yellow Lab), ZoZo (Lab/Border Collie) and out newest is Lumen (Lab/GSP).


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Solitude Mountain Resort